Wound Panel

At Discover Labs wound testing is made simple and requires just one swab to detect up to 22 pathogens and 20 antibiotic resistance markers


Our comprehensive Wound Panel utilizes the unmatched accuracy of PCR testing to help physicians diagnose skin and soft tissue infections. Additionally, our custom panel is designed to detect potential antibiotic resistance markers in order to offer physicians a clear understanding of the most effective treatment options. 

Discover Labs’ comprehensive molecular wound panel provides results faster, making data more relevant and reliable.

Our quick turnaround time paired with detection of antibiotic resistance helps to reduce treatment failures and can decrease the extent of infection progression.

Wound Panel

Utilizing molecular testing to detect wound infections provides physicians with accurate results faster than standard culture techniques. All wound samples are processed the same day that they arrive at our lab. 

Discover Labs has partnered with Coriell Reporting on our Wound Panel to provide clinicians with personalized treatment options based on the detection of antibiotic resistance markers.

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