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Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) Panel

Same-day results for STI swab PCR detection of Sexually Transmitted infections, including Herpes Simplex Virus 1 and 2.

Our STI panel provides physicians with the ability to detect a broad spectrum of Sexually Transmitted Infections and the presence of corresponding antibiotic resistance markers. This enables clinicians to prescribe the most effective treatments for their patients.

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For our UTI/STI panel, we have partnered with Coriell reporting to provide clinicians with suggested treatment options based on the detection of antibiotic resistance markers.

Targets Detected:

  • OXA-48 (OXA-48)
  • VIM (VIM)
  • SHV (SHV)
  • MecA (mecA)
  • Candida spp (Candida spp)
  • T. vaginalis (T. vaginalis)
  • G. vaginalis (G. vaginalis)
  • C. albicans (C. albicans)
  • C. glabrata (C. glabrata)
  • C. trachomatis (C. trachomatis)
  • H. ducreyi (H. ducreyi)
  • HSV1 (HSV1)
  • HSV2 (HSV2)
  • M. genitalium (M. genitalium)
  • M. hominis (M. hominis)
  • N. gonorrhoae (N. gonorrhoae)
  • T. pallidum (T. pallidum)
  • U. urealyticum (U. urealyticum)
  • Van A/B (Van A/B)

Specimen guide

Sample Media Min Volume Stability - Refrigerated Stability - Room Temp Turnaround
Genital swabs Copan eSwab 1mL 48 hours 48 hours 12 hours from receipt